Valentine’s Day Ideas that won’t break the bank!

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Valentine’s Day falls on 14th February every year (this year it’s a Monday!) and is a holiday that’s observed by many as a day to celebrate LOVE. Some people love it and go all out, some hate it and pretend it doesn’t exist, and some singletons prefer a Galentines day (officially celebrated the day before on 13th February) instead to celebrate friendship – usually among women.

Either way, whichever you choose to celebrate, it doesn’t need to cost the earth! Some people really blow the budget with lavish gifts for their loved one, but there’s plenty of things you can do for free….(ish)

Plan an indoor picnic, with some tealight candles (fire hazard, don’t be a clumsy dick!) a couple of floor cushions and a blanket, picky food and maybe a bottle of fizz. If the weather’s nice (if you’re in the UK, heads up – it won’t be!) you could even take it outside.

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Plan a movie marathon – get a compilation of your favourite movies, stay on theme and go for some rom coms perhaps, grab some popcorn, sweets, etc and settle in on the sofa with some comfy cushions and blankets.

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Create a dates jar – get a clean jar (new or recycled) and some lolly sticks or strips of paper. Get fancy and cut the paper into hearts if you want! On each stick or piece of paper write a date idea. Eg – cinema, bowling, movie at home, shopping trip, watch a sunset, walk on the beach, picnic in the park, day at the zoo etc. Colour code by using different coloured papers or colouring the end of the lolly stick to categorize – eg inside / outside, free/ spendy etc. Then when you want an idea of what to do together just pull something from the jar and that will be how you spend your date! If it’s Galentines, then these are still a great idea to plan your adventures together!

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Add something quirky and fun to your card. Either make or buy a card and then add something small inside that your partner will find amusing. I have created some fun scratchcards available in my Etsy shop that can fit inside a card…

…and I also have a selection of Valentine’s cards available as well!

Whatever you do… I hope you have a nice time! If you have some other ideas share them in the comments!

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