New year, New Me or January Shmanuary? Which camp are you in?

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I’m sure that, like me, since the beginning of the new year every time you have logged onto some kind of social media site you’ve seen at least a few adverts throwing out how they can ‘help you’ with your new year goals, be it diet, mental health, fashion etc…. I have to say that Noom is a bit of a bug bear of mine – it’s like a horny chihuahua dry humping everyone’s leg at the best of times but someone clearly slipped it some Red Bull for January!

So, are you a NEW YEAR NEW ME type of person or can January just do one in your opinion? Do you make resolutions or do you think they’re a bunch of crap?

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of a period of reset. I like a new week in a diary, I love a list and to plan things for the week ahead/ the next day in a planner. And I do like a new year to start things ‘afresh’ after a period of over indulging in December. But, I don’t set specific resolutions for the year in the sense that I write down specific goals and timeframes any more, as previously I’ve found that these can be a) intimidating if you’re far off from hitting the goal, and b) often unrealistic to maintain long term.

Now I prefer to set mini goals on a monthly basis. So for January for example, I have already decided that I need to eat healthier (I ate a LOT of cheese over Christmas! Standard) and I need to move more. Now previously I would have set myself the goal of “I’m going to lose a stone in January” (not going to lie, that would be nice) and “Run 5k 3 times a week”. Then things would happen, get in the way etc and I wouldn’t achieve the goal, feel deflated, and give up. So, this January the goal is simply, eat healthier and move more. If I lose some weight whilst doing this, great, but I’m not going to be getting on the scales on a daily basis to check this. I will be trying to get outside as often as possible, and do a few home workouts. That’s it. Then in February I’ll see what other things I want to add in.

So far, we are 9 days in. I’ve removed a lot of meat products from my daily diet (I would normally eat meat at least once every day) and am eating more fish and vegetables. I am not going vegetarian, simply cutting back on amounts of meat I eat. I’ve been out for walks and I am feeling better for it. I’m cutting out alcohol for the rest of the month (I didn’t start this until the 4th as I had plans for the bank holiday weekend) to give my liver a rest lol, but again I am not restricting myself completely forever.

I’m a visual person so I like to create a vision board. I have one that is still going from last year. Some things I have already crossed off, ad some things I have added in. This is a continuing work in progress.

The one thing I do set myself for the year is a target for reading books. I don’t know why, but somehow having a number to achieve makes me think more about actually picking up my book and reading it instead of doing something else (like scrolling insta!!) Last year I set the target of 12 books in the year and I managed 27! This year I’m setting my target at 15. I read the most when I’m on holiday round the pool, and as I (again, bloody corona!) don’t have any plans for one of those yet I don’t want to aim too high!

What are your goals/resolutions? Do yo u set them? Do you love or hate the idea? What annoys you the most about January?

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