Seasonal Activities

I’m getting super excited right now as Hallmark movies are due to launch their Christmas movies on October 22nd! I bloody love a Christmas film. My all time fave is The Holiday, but I also love It’s a Wonderful Life (Original black and white version) and Die Hard – yes it IS a Christmas movie! I also love a Christmas book and on December 1st I end my usual reign of crime thrillers and try to get through as many Christmas titles as possible, you know the ones….. they usually involve someone down on her luck setting up a bakery/chocolate shop/boutique in some unknown village and then falling in love with some handsome yet mysterious local and living happily ever after. They always have some kind of glitter on the cover. I also like glitter.

My ideal day is on the sofa, ensconced in a big blanket, mug of hot chocolate or coffee and either a good book or a good film.

The mug plays a big part…. I have a lot of mugs and they are one of my favourite things to make!

If you’re looking for something to do with the kids I have some ideas….

Check out my Etsy shop here for all of these fun things to do with the family!

How about a Letter to Santa activity box, a Make your own Christmas cards box, or a Christmas Bucket list print to tick off activities as you enjoy the festivities?!

What are your favourite things to do in the festive season? Let me know!

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