October Planner Page

Firstly, how did October sneak up so quickly? I know I had a busy September but that flew past!

So now I need to look at all the things I have planned in for October and will be creating my cover page for my planner for the month ahead to help me do this.

Photo by Toni Cuenca on Pexels.com

Since stopping full time work in July, I have completely lost the ability to keep track of what I need to do without the use of some type of calendar.

What I tend to do is use my phone calendar for appointments and birthdays (I need reminders lol!) as well as a hard copy page on my office wall, and then use my planner to plan in things I need to do, eg shop bits, socials content, things to do, lists, etc…. I have a few birthdays in October and there’s usually a couple of social things thrown in, particularly towards the end of the month.

Whilst the phone is a handy way of keeping track of things, I like to have a creative page and that’s where my planner comes in. I like to use seasonal colours and images and include a practical section like a calendar page so that I can keep track of what the date is ( I really am that bad lol!) I also like to stick bits and pieces in throughout the month that I don’t want to lose/might want to look back on in the future, such as tickets or flyers, photos and tv shows I want to watch.

What do you use to organise your life? Are you strictly techy or do you keep a paper planner/journal too?

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