National Coffee Day!

According to the internet October 1st is National Coffee Day! I didn’t even know this day existed but I’m here for it! (It’s also world Handmade Day and that is something I am definitely all over lol! 2 of my favourite things rolled into one day? Perf! Let’s just call it Charley day and be done with it eh?! )

Anyone who is able to fully function in the mornings without a cup of the good stuff in their system amazes me. (My Husband is one of these people, he is such a morning person and hates coffee so lucky he doesn’t need it!)

I once gave up caffeine (DARK days!) to see if it improved my headaches I was getting at work, it didn’t (was probs just the work!), so I got back on that caffeine train and haven’t looked back!

Last year I bought a Nespresso machine in the Black Friday sales, I am currently waiting for that machine to be picked up for repair AGAIN, and once I have used up my current capsule stash I don’t think I’ll be refreshing it. Whilst the machine is good (when it’s working lol!) I bought the Vertuo model which only takes Nespresso pods so cup for cup it’s pretty expensive still. I wish I’d got the other model which you can use the costa, starbucks and aldi pods in. They’re ‘flavoured’ coffees are also extremely overrated imo. Once my warranty is over I will def be looking into getting a reusable pod to use in it, as whilst I recycle the capsules it’s still a bloody faff storing them up and then organising collections etc.

Currently I am back to using a classic French press and a bag of ground Starbucks house blend. Might just stick with this! I need some ground coffee recommendations, nothing too strong though I don’t need my eyes to fall out of my head please thank you!

Photo by Claro Cafe on

I love a good mug, I have far too many of them, but that won’t stop me from buying or making more!

I’ve recently launched a range of latte cups in my Etsy shop with slogans on. These 2 below sum me up very well! What would you have on your ideal mug?

I also make custom personalised coffee mugs, see bottom pic. These will make great secret santa gifts or stocking fillers!

Available on Charley Made That Etsy shop!
Custom coffee mugs

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