The C Word…..(not THAT one!)

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Yes, I know it’s “only September, why are we talking about Christmas?”, BUT do you also remember when it was “only January” about five fricking minutes ago?!?!

Before you know it, Christmas will be here, with or without the cheer, so let’s bloody embrace it and be organised this year!

If you have a lot to buy and you haven’t given it a thought yet then time is a pressin’ hun and you need to get moving. Take into account that more people than ever are shopping online and therefore delivery slots will fill up quickly, and a combination of covid and Brexit have meant that we have seen difficulties in supplies and deliveries happening in their usual timescales. Don’t be THAT person running round Asda at 4pm on Christmas eve telling yourself that everyone will really like the family pack of biscuits you managed to find them!

Also, if you are looking to buy handmade items from small businesses *cough, cough visit my Etsy here* then remember we are not Amazon Prime, we put time and effort into making our items which takes time, and then rely on Royal Mail and other couriers to get them to you. This is especially true for personalised and custom orders.

Whilst on this subject, shopping small and local where possible is becoming more important than ever. Sure, the big companies have their place, I use them myself, but I have also made a conscious effort this year to also buy from smaller independent businesses and support people who are working hard from home trying to set up their own little empires and have discovered some amazing products by doing this!

I have started making my Christmas cards, Christmas Eve boards, decorations etc to go in my shop (all loading up over the next couple of weeks, favourite my shop to get notifications if you are interested thank you please 😉 and already feel like I’m running behind!) Below is the Santa’s Magic Key I have made to help keep the dream alive with kids when you don’t have a chimney for Santa to come down on Christmas eve!

Santa’s Magic Key – now available in my shop!

On a side note, if early Christmas build up isn’t for you (we can’t be friends anymore lol) then try and have the good grace to allow others to enjoy it and don’t berate them for getting involved in something they clearly look forward to and enjoy, I’m sure there’s things you do that others wouldn’t be so keen on either! Every year I see people commenting on people’s Facebook posts etc saying they are ‘Mad’, or to ‘get a life, it’s not even December yet’ etc. Just be KIND, there’s enough keyboard warriors out there aiming their mis-placed hate, don’t add to them!

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