Easy Peasy Easter Afternoon Tea

First weekend in April, still in some kind of lockdown, not sure what the weather’s going to be like. Perfect for an afternoon tea then, as this can be scaled up from one to however many needed, and can be eaten indoors or out so rain or shine it doesn’t matter.

Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook?

No problem, just buy it all and assemble! Here’s what to get;

A selection of ready-made sandwiches with different fillings. Open the packs, cut each half in two and stand the sandwiches up next to eachother. Whack a bit of rocket on the plate first to fancy things up a bit if you like.

Ready made mini sausage rolls and pork pies. Add a couple of small dishes of pickle/chutney/mustard. Again, strew a bit of rocket round the plate too or add some pickled vegetables such as onions and cornichons.

Pâté and crackers. If you can get a pâté that comes in a dish already, great, if not just smoosh some into a ramekin or serve as a wedge. Add a packet of fancy crackers emptied into a dish or basket.

Scones, clotted cream and jam. Try and get the mini pots of cream and jam if you can find them

Mini cream cake selection, some supermarkets do a mixed pack of mini cream cakes, both fresh and frozen, or you can just get a couple of different types yourself. Alternatively buy some ready made fairy cakes and top with some whipped cream and fruit.

Chocolate truffles. Buy a packet of truffles, or chocolates if you can’t find truffles and arrange on a small pretty plate or tray.

Bit More Effort?

Make your own sandwiches on a mixture of different breads, and slice into fingers or small triangles.

Filling suggestions:

Egg mayo and cress

Coronation chicken

Ham and mustard

Brie and grape with rocket

Cheese and pickle

Roast beef and stilton

Cook some mini sausage rolls, and arrange on a plate with some salad. See below for an easy recipe;

Puff pastry, sausage meat, beaten egg, wholegrain mustard, Italian herb mix, grated cheese. (Quantities depend on how many you need to make!)

Lay out the pastry and place a line of sausage meat along the length. Brush some beaten egg along one edge and fold over the pastry and seal.

Cut into small bitesize sausage rolls and brush the top with some beaten egg, allow to sit for about a minute, then top some with a bit of mustard, some with grated cheese, and some with the herbs and bake in an oven at 190° for approx 25 mins or until the pastry is puffed up and browned and the sausage cooked through.

Bake some scones, and serve with clotted cream and jam.

Bake some cupcakes and top with buttercream and sprinkles.

Make some petits fours. Truffles, florentines, chocolate covered almonds, marzipan fruits or buy a chocolate assortment.

Set the scene…

Regardless of whether you make it yourself or buy and assemble, or a mixture of the two, you will need some nice plates, cutlery, napkins and either a tablecloth for inside or a blanket if you are dining alfresco. If you have some fancy cake stands you can display some of the food on them even better! Don’t forget drinks and glasses! Add some flowers or a plant to the table/blanket, bring some games and some music and settle in for a lovely afternoon!

TEA! Obviously if you’re not a tea drinker then have something else, but choose a few different teas-maybe use this as an opportunity to try something new!

Try a Peppermint or a fruit tea, Earl Grey, Oolong, Rooibos, or just a good old cup of builder’s brew! Add some milk, honey, lemon etc. If you have some pretty tea cups use these, but whatever you have is fine! Outside diners may prefer to have a couple of Thermos flasks filled with hot water.

How will you be celebrating Easter this year? Share in the comments! I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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